Major changes to Illinois divorce laws undergo debate

17328411_sThe proposed bill “HB 1452” seeks to make major changes to Illinois’ divorce laws.  This new bill is currently being debated by Illinois legislators.  It was submitted by the bipartisan Family Law Study Committee after going through talks with child advocates, judges, family law experts and the public.

The proposed changes are quite substantial and if enacted, the following would take place:

-All divorces would be essentially “no fault” meaning there would be no more grounds for divorce (i.e. neither spouse would have to state a reason for divorce).

-More expedient process, meaning divorce judgments would be issued within two months under normal circumstances and three months under special circumstances

-No more lawsuits in which a spouse’s lover is sued for causing the divorce

-Child support calculations in the state would be based on both parents’ incomes

– Children could be allowed to spend 35% more time with each parent thus allowing the non-custodial parent to spend long weekends with their children

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Source:  Illinois Debates Major Divorce Law Changes, Josh D. Simon,


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