Be candid with your family law attorney


29842772_SWhen a family law client hires an attorney, they have lots of mixed emotions.  Many do not want to be going through a family law case in the first place.  They would prefer it if they could save their marriage or rectify the matter outside of court.  But many are forced to deal with a divorce or family law matter when they would prefer not to do so.

Then, they end up in a divorce attorney’s office explaining what caused the situation to rise to a level where litigation has become necessary.  It is somewhat natural for parties to explain the tale from their perspective and from the lens in which they view the world.  After all, it is hard for a client to consider the other side and a contrary point of view.  Or, many parties are uncomfortable leveling with their attorney by disclosing potentially embarrassing facts.  This can naturally result in a divorce or family law attorney receiving only half the picture.  This can be hard for a family law attorney.  An attorney has to devise a strategy and can only really do so based on the information they have.

An experienced family law attorney will likely want to ask what the other party would say if they were in the room.  They will try to uncover the other side of the story so that they are fully prepared for what may come and any alternate arguments that might be out there.  A client should attempt to engage in such a conversation.  It is helpful for the attorney.  It doesn’t mean that the attorney doesn’t believe the client before them.  It just means that they are trying to get the full picture so that they can be the best advocate possible for their client in court.

No matter whether a party feels good about what they’ve done or not, honesty is the best approach.  It is vital that a client be open and candid with their family law or divorce attorney.  Candor, and a fair description of the facts, is what allows an attorney to zealously and effectively advocate for their client.  Otherwise, an attorney can end up in the midst of a trial, or even an informal pre-trial conference, and be blindsided by arguments they didn’t see coming.

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