Take your divorce or family law case one inning at a time

2801770_S(3)As the saying goes in baseball, you have to take the game one inning at a time.  If you are playing in the first inning of a game, but your mind is on the ninth inning, the game probably won’t go well.  A baseball player has to focus on the here and the now.  A baseball player has to worry about each play, each at bat and not miss opportunities in the moment by being distracted about the future.

In this same vein, the same rule applies to divorce or family law cases.  When a case begins, parties can’t help but think about the ninth inning.  “How will the case end?”  “Will I be able to move on with my life?”  “How much child support will I pay?”  “Will I get fifty-fifty custody?”  Questions like these can overwhelm a party and cause them to literally obsess about the future.   Put simply, they can’t stop focusing on the ninth inning when they start the game in the first inning.

As a result, the following can often happen:

In sum, when a client is so focused on the ninth inning, that they do a poor job in the other eight innings, this makes it hard for an attorney to do their job, get the case prepared and this can result in increased attorneys fees as the attorney has to continually request the necessary information.  Or, in a worst case situation, the lack of focus on the present can become so bad that the outcome outcome of the client’s case can be put in peril.

If you are going divorce in the St. Louis Metropolitan Area in Missouri or Illinois, it is important to remember that you have to do a good job throughout the case to ensure that you are still in the game when the ninth inning arrives.

If you are looking representation in a divorce or family law matter, Stange Law Firm, PC can help.  We have offices throughout the St. Louis Metropolitan Area in Missouri and Illinois.  You can contact us at 314-963-4700.

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