Post-judgment work vital in a divorce case

27089613_SAfter a divorce judgment is signed by the judge, most parties are anxious to close this chapter on their life.  They want their case closed and the work on their case to end.  After all, they are divorced, and to most out there, they are ready to move forward with their life.

This leads to many clients deciding to discharge their attorney as quickly as possible after they are officially divorced.   The reality, however, is that there is often wrap-up that has to take place after a divorce is entered.  Below are some of the items that have to take place in many divorce cases for it really to be complete:

1.) Qualified Domestic Relations Orders often have to be drafted, signed by the parties and the judge and submitted to the plan administrator if a qualified retirement plan is being divided.

2.) If title to real estate is being changed, a Quit Claim Deed often has to be prepared, signed by the parties and filed with the recorder of deeds.

3.) If a child support or spousal support order has been entered, a wage withholding order often has to be put in place, be entered by the court and be forwarded to the employer of the payor spouse.

4.) In cases where property is being sold (like a house) as part of a divorce, that house has to be sold and the proceeds distributed as part of the divorce judgment.

5.) If there automobiles, gift affidavits often have to be prepared and transfer titled at the appropriate office in your jurisdiction.

6.) If there are equalization payments made as part of a divorce judgment relative to a property settlement, this equalization payment has to be made.

7.) There may be bank accounts, or other investment accounts, that have to be divided.

Of course, this list is far from being all-inclusive.  There are many other possibilities as well relative to items that have to be completed prior to a divorce being fully completed.  While it is a momentous and life-changing moment the day a divorce judgment is entered, there is still post-judgment work in most cases that have to be completed.  It is vital that a party, in most instances, continue to use the services of an attorney to ensure this post-judgment work is completed properly.

If you have post-judgment work that you need completed, you can contact Stange Law Firm, PC at 314-963-4700.  We have divorce attorneys in St. Louis, Missouri that can help you.

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