How will the results look years from now?

settlement offerOne of the most important things for a party to take into consideration when analyzing a settlement offer is not simply the here and the now, but how the settlement will look in the future.

How will this settlement offer look a year from now? How will it look five years from now? How about ten years or twenty years from now?

Parties really need to take a long view as it relates to the resolution of their case. This is the only real way a party can make the best decision for their future.

Often, parties are in such a rush to get a case done that they agree to something just to make the case end quickly. But like a person who makes a purchase in a rush, they often end up with buyer’s remorse.

Don’t be afraid to tell your attorney if you need a little more time to consider a settlement offer. Make sure you sit down with your attorney and that all the numbers are appropriately crunched for the short and the long-run. You will want to ask if there are other realistic scenarios and possibilities as well.

At the end of the day, litigation is expensive. Having a case in the family court system is not an enjoyable experience for anybody to endure. Most parties realistically should settle their case short of trial.

But it’s important to take the time to make a decision that will be beneficial in the long-run as well.  As it relates to your family, your children, your assets and your financial future, you want to do the same. You do not want to look back and wonder: “What if?”

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