How to keep communication with your attorney effective

CommunicationKeeping communication with your attorney effective is vital.  When communication is going well, a party going through a divorce or family law can feel rest assured that they know the status of their case and the options before them that they have to consider.

When communication is effective, the costs of litigation can also not rise necessarily.  This occurs because the communication does not have to be overly frequent with an attorney billing hourly.

So, how do you keep communication effective with your attorney?  Below are some tips:

1.) It is important to be organized when you communicate with your attorney.  This might mean that you simply do in-person meetings with your attorney.  It might be that you write down your questions in advance.  It might mean that you do most of the communication by e-mail.  It is going to be different for different people, but organization is a key determiner.

2.) It is important to work with an attorney that you find easily understandable.  Different attorneys communicate differently.  And different parties going through a divorce or family law matter communicate differently.  For this reason, it is imperative that a party work with an attorney who communicates in a manner that works for the party.

3.) It is important to keep emotions in check and not use your lawyer as a therapist.  Many parties want to call their divorce or family law attorney in times of trial and tribulation.  They are not only looking for legal advice from their attorney, but they are looking for relationship or coping advice.  In most cases, this can detract from communication involving critical issues in the case and cause a bill to rise necessarily.

4.) It is important to be patient throughout the process.  Lots of parties will call their attorney continually like a child riding in the back seat of the car asking their parents when they will get to X, Y or Z location.  If the wait has been unusual, this might be warranted in certain circumstances.  But generally speaking, individuals should know that a divorce or family law case takes some time.  Most dockets are backed up.  Whatever your expectations are about the length of the case, the reality is it will probably take longer than what you were thinking.

There are many other possible tips as well.  However, these are some important tips out of the gates in ensuring that communication remains effective.

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