Preparing for trials or evidentiary hearings

Trial Preparation in Divorce and Family LawIf you are in the midst of a divorce or family law matter, hopefully, you are able to reach an amicable settlement outside of court.  Having to put the results of the case in a divorce or family law matter can be a stressful experience.  Who wants judge, who is a virtual stranger in your life, deciding the end result for your divorce, family law or child custody proceeding?

The reality is that while almost nobody wants it, it sometimes a trial or evidentiary hearing cannot be avoided.  In some cases, the parties are just unable to reach a mutually beneficial resolution.  There are lots of reasons why that may turn out to be the case.

In these cases where a trial or evidentiary hearing is going to take place, it’s important that a client have a sit-down meeting with their attorney in most cases.  In these matters, the client can ask the attorney questions relative to the protocol for a family law or divorce trial or evidentiary hearing.  After all, family law attorneys go to court regularly.  But for most clients, this is an occurrence that may have never happened in their life before.

At the same time, the attorney in these meetings can often explain the game-plan to the client.  This can consist of showing the client the evidence that the attorney plans on admitting.  This is helpful because it can ensure that the client is comfortable with the evidence that is going to be presented.  It can also ensure that if the client thinks there is some other evidence that is also important, the attorney has the time to include this evidence to the proposed evidence list.

It can also be important for the attorney and client to talk about proper courtroom decorum, the importance of telling the truth and how the proceeding will take place.  Additionally, it is helpful for the attorney in most instances to explain the difference between direct and cross-examination.  Talking about the questions that the client may expect to be asked is also of great importance in most cases.

A meeting like this, in most cases, is important to an effective resolution for a client.  It can also help the client feel more relaxed about going into an environment that is unfamiliar for most clients.

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