Be careful about written communications

Written communication and divorceIn the midst of a divorce or family law matters, parties can often began communicating in writing.  This is especially true in this electronic age.  Many individuals send e-mails and texts for example.

If you are going through a divorce or child custody case, it’s important that you be careful in terms of what you say.  It’s important not to speak out of anger and emotion.  It’s important not to say something that you don’t mean in the heat of passion.

At the end of the day, anything you say can be used against you in court.  It’s vital for those going through a divorce or family law matter to never forget this fact.  Is your e-mail or text showing maturity?  is your e-mail or text showing patience and steadiness?  Or are you lashing out in a way that might look negatively upon you if seen by a judge or a guardian a litem?

If you are lashing out impulsively, it’s probably better not to hit the send button.  Once you hit the send button, what was said cannot be taken back.  It’s then easier enough for an individual to print off a copy of the text or e-mail and use it later in court.

For this reason, it’s critical that parties think long and hard about what they put in writing.  In some instances, a party might save what they’ve written as a draft and consider it long and hard before sending it.  A party might also consult with their attorney to get advice on whether their communication is appropriate or not if there is any doubt.

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