Attorneys can’t diagnose over the phone just like doctors can’t

Lawyer Can't Diagnose On Phone

For individual who are in distress on the eve of a divorce, there is often a temptation to call a lawyer or law firm and get a quick answer or some free advice.

The rationale makes sense in a lot of ways for those going through tough times because hard times can often come unexpectedly. When something unexpectedly happens in the life of many, they want a quick resolution. They want quick answers. They want their life put together just as fast as possible.

In the same vein, when people get sick unexpectedly, they often want to call a doctor. Many are looking to give their symptoms to a nurse over the phone. The thought is the nurse can then begin giving the potential patient some answers over the phone.

Of course, the context of a doctor’s office, most are going to request that the patient come in for an appointment. At the appointment, the nurse or the doctor can help understand all the symptoms. They might be able to check the patient’s temperature, blood pressure, look in the nostrils or ears of the patient or perform other tests so they have an accurate picture.

After having an accurate picture, most doctors then have an idea of how to treat they patient. Or, they know what additional tests or procedures they may need to do in order to have an accurate assessment and treatment plan.

The same analogy is true in a legal context. While many want to quickly give some facts over the phone, most lawyers are going to want the potential client to come into the office. They will want to get the full history.   They will want to know all the good and the bad.   They may need to have the potential client gather more information for the attorney so the attorney can properly understand the situation.

Then, and only then in most instances, can an attorney begin giving good legal guidance. While many potential clients may be looking for definitive answers quickly over the phone, the reality is this is improper in most circumstances because all the facts and haven’t been appropriately gathered.

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