Waiting for a trial date in your divorce or family law matter

Patience in family law and divorceA family law or divorce matter can end up being overwhelming and stressful for many.  For those who are going through these cases, in many instances, they want finality as soon as possible.  And, in addition to this finality, many want their desired result to happen as well.

Getting a quick, desired result is certainly a worthy and understandable goal on the surface level.  The reality is that not all individuals actually achieve the result they want at the exact pace they want.

This can cause many individuals to become frustrated.  This frustration can cause many to become upset with their attorney.

Many clients ask questions like these: “Why is my case taking so long?”  “Why can’t my attorney get this case settled?”  “Why do I have to wait so long for a trial date to end my case?”  “Shouldn’t my case end quicker?”

The reality is that in many jurisdictions there can be a lot of cases pending.  Take a large metropolitan area with a high population in the several hundred thousand range or above.  Even with divorce rates and out-of-wedlock birth rates that can be high in certain areas, it is not uncommon in many places like there for there to be a limited number of judges who actually hear these cases.

In addition to that, there are only 365 days in a year.  Bear in mind that courthouses are closed on weekends and holidays.  And, for most judges, if they are conducting a full trial, they may be only be able to hear a case a day.  In the end, this is going to result in many divorce and family law cases pending longer than a client might desire.

For many individuals going through a divorce or family law matter, this can cause frustration.  They might think there is something else their attorney can do — when maybe that isn’t the case.  In other words, if your best and final settlement offer has been sent, and the other side rejects it, what is there that can be done?

You might be able to send another settlement offer?  You might be able to ask if the other side will go to mediation?  But what if that does not result in a settlement?  In many of these cases, all one can do is simply wait for the trial date, which can take some time.  Patience is key in many of these situations.

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