Why can’t my attorney guarantee results?

Family lawyers cannot guarantee resultsDivorce and family law matters can be extremely difficult for those going through it.  When individuals look to hire an attorney, they often want certainty when it comes to what attorney they hire.

In other words, they want their attorney to tell them they can get them X, Y or Z result if they hire the attorney.  They want that attorney, in essence, to predict the future.  They want that attorney to pull out a crystal ball and guaranty what a judge will do with the case.  Of course, in some instances, the case might not have even been filed yet.  This means that the attorney would not even know the judge will be.

The reality is that attorneys cannot guaranty results in really any area of law.  This could not be any more true in divorce and family law.

The reality is that judges have a great deal of discretion in terms of what they can do.  Different judges can look at similar fact patterns and come to different conclusions based on their perception of what is just, fair and reasonable.

Take a state where marital property and debt is to be divided in a “just” manner when considering all the factors.  Different judges could look at similar fact patterns and come to different conclusions about what is just.

Take a case where spousal maintenance is determined by looking at the reasonable needs of the parties.  What one judge might find to be a reasonable need might be different from another judge.  Or, what one judge might determine a parties’ income to be for spousal support or child support purposes could be different from another judge.

The same is true as it relates to child custody.  What one judge might find to be in the best interests of the children could be different from another judge in a similar fact pattern.

The reality is that while experienced attorneys may be able to give a range of potential outcomes from best case, worst case and middle case scenarios, no attorney can guarantee results in divorce or family law.  Similar fact patterns can oftentimes lead to different results in different courthouses — and with different judges hearing these cases.  This is exactly why divorce and family law attorneys cannot guarantee results.

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