Temporary orders during a divorce or custody case

Motion Pedente Litle in DivorceWhen a divorce is filed, there can be many issues that need to be resolved while the case is pending. The same can be true for unmarried parents who are going through a paternity case.

The reality is it can take time for a case to resolve through settlement or trial. Settlement can take a substantial time to negotiate and reach as to all the essential terms.

In many cases, settlement can take months. Sometimes, cases might not settle until the parties are literally on the courthouse steps with a court date pending.

Many wonder how custody is going to work while the case is pending. Many wonder as well how child support will work.

If the parties are married, there can be real questions as well about who is paying what bills while they are is pending. If there is a house, there can be a question about who is going to possess it while the case is pending. The same is true as it relates to other property.

Many of these matters cannot wait until the case is decided. Most parties need some element of certainty and stability while the case is pending.

In these circumstances, parties can file a temporary motion. In many states, this is referred to as a Motion Pedente Lite (“PDL”). In a PDL Motion, parties ask the court to enter orders so long as the case is pending.

Once a PDL Order is entered, that order stays in effect while the case is pending. Ultimately, it is superseded by the final divorce or custody judgment.

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