Think twice before posting on social media

Think twice before posting on social mediaIn a divorce or family law matter, emotions can often run high. It can cause parties to want to speak out or vent on social media.

To some, posting online can have a therapeutic impact. When others like or comment positively on their post, they can also feel reinforced. They can feel like others agree with their perspective.

Of course, anything put online can end up being used as evidence in a divorce or family law matter. An individual never really knows who will see the post and either print, save it or forward it to the opposing party, opposing attorney or guardian ad litem.

And while a post make an individual feel better, the reality is that it might paint them in a poor light even if they do not see it the last way themselves. This can have a negative impact on a case outcome.

In a divorce or family law matter with kids, the older the children are, the greater likelihood they will end up seeing the post. If the post paints the other parent in a bad light, the kids might not like it or be emotionally damaged by it. This is not something that is likely to impress a family court judge.

When going through a divorce or family law matter, parties are usually well advised to think twice before posting. And when in doubt, it is almost always wise not to hit the enter button.

This can be hard for parties who have always been active on social media. But in the midst of litigation, parties are almost always smart to make no comments about their case online in any shape, matter or form.

Posts that do not involve the case should also be positive in nature. Even posts that are negative in nature, or that show partying or other inappropriate information, can be incredibly damaging.

Parties should really work through their emotions and frustrations in more productive ways in a divorce or family law matter. This can involve having candid discussion with an attorney. It also might mean talking to a counselor or therapist versus venting online.

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