Implementation of Adoptee’s Rights Act in Missouri

Missouri adoptee rights actSome parents decide to put their child up for various reasons. It used to be that it was difficult for somebody who was put up for adoption to find out the identify of their birth parents.

Certainly, not all of those who were adopted seek out the identify of their birth parents. But some are very interested in finding out the identify of their birth parents.

Some just want to know the identity of their birth parents. Some want to know why their parents put them up for adoption. Some might want to know if they have siblings or they might want to know about their other family members.

Some have other reasons for wanting to know. For example, some want to know for health reasons. In other words, doctors often want a health history of family members in terms of diagnosing and treating individuals. When somebody has been adopted, and they do not know the health history of their family, it can cause difficulties in rendering the appropriate treatment or taking the preventive measures.

Importantly, in 2016, Governor Jeremiah Nixon signed the Missouri Adoptee Rights Act. This allows individual over the age of 18 to request their birth certificates.

As of August of 2017, those born prior to 1941 had the ability to request their birth certificates. However, starting on January 2, 2018, adoptees born after 1941 can also request their birth certificates.

Individuals who want to do so have to pay a fee (currently $15) and complete the appropriate paperwork. However, if they due so, they can now obtain their birth certificate.

The law change is not without some controversy. Some would argue that those who put their children up for their adoption should not have their identify revealed without their consent.

Nonetheless, the Missouri Adoptee Rights Act now allows for their identify to be revealed. This is an important step for adoptees seeking the identify of their birth parents.

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