Picture yourself on the witness stand

23580474_SClients going through a divorce or family law case have specific questions for their attorney.  “Should I do this?”  “Should I do that?”  These kinds of questions can result in frequent communication between an attorney and a client.

Questions can involve very specific issues at stake.  It can involve how to communicate with their ex or soon-to-be ex spouse about a variety of issues.  It can involve payment of various marital bills.  It can involve co-parenting issues.  It can involve issues where maybe a client is upset about the conduct of the other party.  It can involve frustrations with the court process, the guardian ad litem or the length of the case.  The reality is that this can often make or break a case.

Regular communication between an attorney and client is vital to the successful resolution of any family law case.  It is critical that an attorney and client be on the same page.

However, there are various times where a client may have to make a quick decision.  These decisions may come at times when a law office is closed or the attorney is unavailable.  It is in these times where clients need a basic frame of reference in terms of how to make good decisions.

One that parties going through a divorce or family law cause ought to consider is whether they will feel good about their actions if someday they are sitting on a witness stand.  Yes, most cases settle.  Most cases do not require a trial or an evidentiary hearing for resolution.

However, in the cases that do not, a client will not want to feel regret about what they’ve done.  It is never an enjoyable experience for a party to be cross-examined about a matter in which they regret their actions.  If a client can picture themselves sitting on the witness stand some day, versus acting on emotion or anger, they ordinarily make the right decisions when the time calls for it.

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