Logic or emotions in divorce?

divorceWhen a divorce begins, two competing interests can come into play.  They are logic versus emotions.

On one hand, when a family law case begins, people are ordinarily experiencing a range of emotions.  All of a sudden their life is changing.  To some, they might not have seen it coming.  To others, it might have been a long time coming.  But it still doesn’t change the dynamics.

Change can cause people to feel emotions like stress, anxiety, anguish, and sadness.  Some might feel one emotion more than the other.  But for others, all of these emotions can cycle through their psyche in short periods of time.

It is important for a party to deal with these emotions.  For many, seeing a counselor or other mental health professional in a divorce can help.  Nobody should be ashamed about seeking help through a difficult time.  It’s not a sign of weakness, but a sign of strength.

Ultimately, dealing with the emotions early in the process can help lead a party to a logical place.  Logic allows people to make rational decisions.  Logic can cause people to see the forest from the bark on the trees.  Ultimately, this can help a party make the correct decisions in terms of deciding what settlement terms might be advantageous, whether to settle or go trial and/or deciding whether mediation or collaborative law make sense.

So, in the end, to get to a logical place, it is important try to work through the emotions.  Working through the emotions as best as possible, and also recognizing their existence, is really critical for most parties.

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