For most, seek the best possible result

family lawClients in the midst of a family law case are often presented with a dilemma.  Do they seek the best possible result for their case no matter the cost?  Or do they settle their divorce or family law case quickly, and at the lowest possible cost, just to conclude the case?

Obviously, there is not one right or wrong answer for every individual.  For most, it is true that the results of the case will be very important to their life and the lives of their children.  To these clients, the final result is of the utmost importance to them.  They may care deeply about access to their children (physical custody) and decision-making rights (legal custody).  They may also have worked hard to build up assets, retirement accounts, etc., to have financial security.  They might not be financially secure at all and require a result that will ensure that they can survive financially.  They might have a plethora of other important goals for their case.

Other individuals may not have as much as stake.  They may feel as if the results of the case will impact them.  For example, it could be a short-term marriage or there may be no kids.  They also might also become tired emotionally or feel as if the case is a financial burden or impossibility for them such that they have to settle for unfavorable terms. Or, it might be that proceeding forward could only garner a marginally better result such that it makes sense to simply settle versus incur the additional cost.

Unfortunately, most people cannot have it both ways.  In other words, it is hard or most people to obtain the best possible result, while ending the case quickly, short of trial and at what they would deem at an economical (or bargain) price.  It might be possible in some cases where parties are truly working together in an amicable (and mutually beneficial matter) out of the gates.  But this isn’t the case for many when a divorce or family law case begins.  Many individuals are instead presented with the choice of settling quickly for terms they may regret later or moving forward to obtain the best possible result (which means the case will take longer and cost more).

For most, the latter is the better option.  The results of these cases can impact parties and their families for years to come.  When a party settles for terms that they regret later, many of these individuals end up back in court later on a motion to modify or motion for contempt.  When these happens, the money saved by settling quickly often vanishes through new litigation and can often result in somebody spending more in the long-run.  Although every situation is different, this is why most individuals would be wise to at least consider simply seeking the best possible result (whether through settlement or trial).  As the saying goes, it’s usually better to get it done right versus get it done quick.

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