Two cases, similar fact patterns, but widely different paths

divorceParties going through a divorce often talk to others.  They might discover that somebody else they know was married a similar length of time.  They might have the same number of kids.  The amount of assets might seem roughly similar.  On the surface, the thought is that the length of the case and cost ought to be the same with so many surface similarities.

When they get to talking, sometimes that turns out to be true.  Other times, that might not end up being untrue.  One party might have had a divorce that took a few months.  The other party might have had a case that took more than a year.  One party might have spent a few thousand on their divorce (or even less).  The other party might have spent five figures or more.  How can this be when the two cases appear so similar on the surface?

There are a multitude of reasons why this could turn out to be the case.  Below are just a few possible reasons:

1.) In one case, the parties might be able to quickly work out an amicable settlement to their case.  In the other, the parties might not be able to agree and could ultimately end up going to trial or even up involved in an appeal.

2.) In one case, the parties might end up before a judge who moves their docket fairly quick.  In the other, the parties might end up in a jurisdiction, or before a judge, where the docket doesn’t move as quickly or is backed up.

3.) In one case, the parties might quickly give their attorneys what they need to prepare and evaluate the case.  In the other, the parties might end up delaying giving the attorneys the necessary documents and information to conclude the case.

4.) In one case, the parties might not call or e-mail their attorney often — except when critical issues arise or the attorney requests something.  In the other case, the parties may frequently call and e-mail their attorney (sometimes daily), which can ultimately cause a bill to rise with an attorney billing hourly.

At the end of the day, while a case might look similar on the surface, the reality is cases with similar fact patterns can end up vastly different.  This is why it’s critical not to make too many comparisons to others in terms of expectations.

The best way to have accurate expectations is to choose an attorney who you trust, have candid conversations with them about options and possibilities and then ensure that communication is effective so that the bill isn’t rising unnecessarily.

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