Are you looking for a private divorce? Consider collaborative divorce.

divorceFor some parties, the thought of a divorce pending in the courthouse sends shivers up their spine.  Who would want to be sitting in a courtroom?  Who would want attorneys in a generally open courtroom discussing their life?  Who wants pleadings filed in court where allegations are flung?  Who wants to run into a friend, co-worker, acquaintance or other person they know in the courtroom halls or at the metal detector waiting to come into the courthouse?

For many parties, the thought of all of this is too much.  It can lead to stress.  It can lead to anxiety and angst.  On some level, it leads to embarrassment.

In cases where these are significant concerns, a party ought to consider collaborative divorce.  In collaborative divorce, parties meet outside of court with their collaborative attorney, the other party and their collaborative attorney and other professionals in an attempt to reach an amicable resolution outside of court.

This usually results in multiple sessions and isn’t necessarily a quick, inexpensive or easy process.  After all, if parties had an easy time making decisions, they might not be getting divorced in the first place.  But a huge benefit to collaborative divorce is privacy.  Versus being seen in a courthouse with their dirty laundry being aired in front of others, private meetings can be scheduled in an attorney’s office.

This can cause  the stress, anxiety and embarrassment to diminish.  Now, the parties can hopefully focus on what is best for them and their family in this difficult time.  They also have control over the outcome versus putting the decision in the hands of a judge who they don’t know and who hardly knows them.

Ultimately, if the parties can reach a collaborative resolution, one court appearance is often required to conclude the divorce.  However, this one appearance allows for much more privacy than repeat visits in and out of the courthouse.  In some jurisdictions, the parties might be able to conclude the divorce by affidavit without the parties ever having to step foot in the courthouse.

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