Why having faith can pay off for a family law client

Having faith in family law litigationFamily law litigation can be gut-wrenching for those going through it.  For the clients, they feel life their life is put on pause.  Suddenly, everything is hanging in the balance.  In a divorce, a client may be worried about how custody of their children will work.  They may be worried about how they will come out financially at the end of the case.  They may be worried about child support.  They may be worried about spousal maintenance.  They may wonder how they can pay their attorney fees.

Some parties are not able to resolve their case through collaborative law or mediation, although this is a good option that most should at least consider.  But for those who do not think this is workable, the litigation process can be tortuous.  For many, they just want the case to end as quickly as possible.  They want the pain to stop.  They want to be able to move on with their life.

At the same time, many of these clients want a very specific result.  They have looked at their case at depth and may feel as if X, Y or Z result must happen for the benefit of their family and children.  At the sam time, they want this result to happen quickly because the court-process feels painful and expensive.

The reality is that having faith can be vital in family law litigation.  In many cases, it is vital for a client to hire an attorney with whom they feel comfortable.  They then need to develop a comprehensive strategy in terms of how they will put the client’s best foot forward to get that X, Y or Z result that they desire.

The client then often needs to let the process play out.  They need to have faith.  They need to trust that their attorney is doing everything they can.  They also need to understand that with 50-percent divorce rates, and 40-percent out-of wedlock birthrates, that court dockets are often backed-up.  This means that it can take time to have their case move along toward resolution.

This is not always true, but for many, those who have faith end up being relatively satisfied about the process.  They at least feel as if the case was adequately prepared, that no stones were not overturned, that they had an opportunity to be heard and that the process is fair.  This is in contrast to those who wonder “what if?” as it relates to aspects of their case because the ultimately moved to a swift outcome that did not come close to meeting their goals.

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