Maturity can lead to a positive result

Maturity in divorce and family lawGoing through a family law case can be a difficult experience.  For many, all kinds of emotions can be the net result of being in the midst of a family law case.

Versus appearing mature and rational, anger can take over for some.  This anger can creep its way into a family law case in all sorts of ways.  For some, this anger can over-flow into various aspects of the case.

They can come to court and not look composed.  They might blurt out things in court that appear hostile or adversarial.  They might want to speak when the judge has told them not to speak.  Instead of appearing stone-faced when the opposing party or some other witness is speaking, they may make faces or look as if they are becoming unglued.  Instead of allowing their attorney to persuade in a convincing manner, the may want their attorney to be over-zealous or hostile.

At the end of the day, maturity usually impresses most family court judges.  Instead of appearing angry, appearing calm, collected and mature is often more helpful.  As it relates to custody for example, family court judges are usually looking for the parent who appears steady.   When believing or disbelieving allegations of marital misconduct or domestic violence, the party who is able to remain composed is often more convincing.

While every case is different, an individual looks mature and composed in the face of adversity can come off more trustworthy.  Their version of facts end up being more believable to many family court judges.

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