The role of paralegals in family law litigation

Family law paralegal

For those going through a family law case, they often spend a lot of time conversing and meeting with the paralegal and legal assistant on their case.   Many wonder what the role of the paralegal or legal assistant is in their case versus that of the attorney.

A good metaphor is that a paralegal or legal assistant is to an attorney as a nurse is to a doctor.  Most understand that the role of a nurse to a doctor is critical.  The nurse often obtains much of the information necessary for the doctor to make important decisions on behalf of the patient.

This role can consist of the nurse obtaining a lot of the patient’s past medical history for the doctor.  The nurse often does things like taking the patient’s temperature, blood pressure or weight.  The doctors often times helps administer medicine for the patient.  They help in a litany of ways that are immeasurable.

At the same time, the doctor ultimately has to make the diagnosis.  The doctor normally prescribes the medicine and decides the course of action for treatment.  If there is a surgery, the surgeon is the one who performs that surgery.  The doctor is ultimately responsible.

In this regard, the dynamics between the family law attorney and the paralegal or legal assistant is much of the same.  The paralegal or legal assistant can help accumulate a lot of background information regarding the case.  The paralegal or legal assistant is often the first point of contact when the client calls.  The paralegal or legal assistant can often help meet with the client to go through documents, help obtain signatures and assistant in other avenues.  They paralegal or legal assistant come help draft some legal documents under the supervision of the attorney.

Then, when it comes to court appearances or hearings, the family law attorney obviously like the surgeon is the one in the law office who handles these matters.  The family law attorney also develops the case strategy and disseminates legal advice for the client.  The family law attorney ultimately supervises the paralegal as the doctor surprises the nurse.  The family law attorney is ultimately responsible for the case, but the paralegal or legal assistant helping is immeasurably important.

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