How long will my case take?

Length of family law case

One of the most common questions anybody asks when going through a divorce or family law matter is: how long will the case take?  For most, this is one of the first questions they will ask.

The difficulty for any attorney in answering this question at the beginning of the case is that there is really no way an attorney can know.  So, when they tell the client they don’t know for sure, most clients find this answer unsatisfying.  To them, an attorney has to have a general idea about how long the case may take.

The reality is that most family law matters ultimately end up concluding three different ways.  For some parties, they are able to settle their family law matter quickly and amicably.  They are able to reach an agreement on all issues that are at stake.  For most clients, this is their goal and their desire. However, the reality is this is difficult for most individuals when emotions are high and parties have had difficulty compromising previously.

On the other extreme, some parties are not able to settle their family law matter. Ultimately, these cases end up going to trial and the judge has to decide.  In many of these cases, one party appeals the decision and the process drags on into the future.  In other cases, the case might temporarily end after a judgment is entered, but then one party seeks a modification and it begins all over again.  In many of these cases, the family law matter can take a long time.  It is not uncommon for many of these individuals to spend many years in the court system.

In the middle are cases where the parties are not able to quickly reach a settlement. However, cooler heads ultimately prevail and a settlement is reached before a trial takes place.  For these individuals, it can take months or longer for a settlement agreement to be reached.

At the end of the day, family law clients legitimately want to know how long the process will take.  The problem is that there is really know way any attorney can know sure at the beginning of the case.  The reality is these cases can really go into three different directions where the length of time can vary considerably.

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