Annulments due to fraudulent inducement

Annulment for fraud Getting married is a happy time for most.  The hope is that for most they are entering a life time relationship with the person they love in order to share a life together.

In some instances, however, one person might have held back critical details of their life prior to getting into the marriage.  They might have said or done things in order to help induce somebody into marrying that were not true.  Or, in some instances, it might be what they didn’t tell the person they were about to marry.

In these cases, an annulment might be a possibility for some.  An annulment can oftentimes be obtained where a party has been fraudulently induced into getting married.  If an annulment is obtained, it essentially means that the marriage did not take place versus a divorce where the marriage is dissolved.

Obviously, the ability to get an annulment is fact specific.  The laws in different states can vary as well.  Thus, it’s important to speak with an attorney who is licensed and competent to practice law in your state.

Some examples of basic fact patterns where an annulment might be possible, include:

  • Situations where a party is not able to have kids and does not tell their spouse.
  • It could include scenarios where a party is impotent and does not tell their spouse.
  • It might be a case where a party enters a marriage not out of love, but perhaps out of financial gain.
  • It could be a situation where the party has a sexually transmitted disease prior to the marriage and does not tell their spouse.
  • It could be a situation where a party has a preference for the opposite sex, but does not disclose that prior to marriage.

These are just some examples of fact situations that might involve a factual basis for an annulment.  Of course, there are other fact patterns that may give rise to a basis for an annulment as well.  Because every situation is fact specific, and the laws can vary, it is critical to speak to an attorney in your state.

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