If you don’t have anything nice to say, better to say nothing

Family law interaction and kind wordsIn the midst of a family law matter, there can often be lots of opportunities for discourse between the parties to a case.  No matter whether it’s a divorce, child custody or other family law matter, there are lots of opportunities for interaction.

Opportunities for interaction can occur in the courthouse hallways.  It can take place while sitting in the back of a courtroom.  It can take place at child custody exchanges.  It might take place on the telephone.  Or, perhaps it takes place at an important family event or an event involving the children.

In these moments, anger or frustration can be built up.  It could be anger or frustration involving the pending case itself.  It can be anger or frustration about events that led up to the case itself.

At these times, one can be tempted to speak their mind.  One might be tempted to say something curtly or issue blunt words.  When this take place, the other party might be tempted to respond similarly.

When this takes place, this can cause an acrimonious family law matter to become more acrimonious.  This can result in an already difficult case become more difficult.  This can result in more pain and anguish.  It can result in more attorneys’ fees being spent.

Instead of saying something that isn’t nice, it’s usually better to say nothing.  You do have this right.  This is an old axiom, but it has applicability in family law.

If you are going to speak, be sure you have thought through what you desire to say.  Ensure that the meaning you intended is expressed through your words.  This will often help to de-escalate difficult family law matters.  And even if it doesn’t have that effect, you at least tried.  And by watching what you say, you can also appear as the more mature and rational party in the family court if nothing else.

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