Will a divorce make it better?

Children and divorceUnfortunately, in many marriages, things are not always good.  In some marriages, fighting, bickering and animosity can raise to high levels.  In marriages with children, the children can feel as if they are in the middle of a bad situation between their parents.

The thought process of many is that when things get this bad, it is often better to separate and divorce.  By separating and divorcing, the view is that both parties can move on with their life separately.  They can each go their own way.  They can each live their own life.  The hope is that this will fix the situation.

Obviously, every family situation is different.  For this reason, no universal rules can be drawn in terms of what is best for every marriage that is out there.

It is also true in some marriages, that the differences are irreconcilable.  In other words, the differences can sometimes be start, so diametrically opposed and different, that it is just impossible for the marriage to be salvaged,

In some marriages, there can also be so much fighting and bickering, that one could reasonably believe that separating and divorcing is for the best in terms of giving the children and the parties peace.  After all, nobody can live in an environment forever where there is constant fighting and bickering.

On the flip end, the question is will the divorce make it better?  By making it better, will there be more peace?  Will there be less fighting?  Will the children be put in the middle less?

In some cases, this might be true.  However, in some cases, this might not be true at all.  In certain cases, the parties will still have to communicate about the children.  There will also still be exchanges between the parents for visitation.  There might also be events that both parties need to attend, like doctor appointments, parent-teacher conference and extracurricular events where the parties will at least need to be cordial.

The reality is that in the midst of a divorce, or even after a divorce, the divorce won’t always make things better.  In some cases, the parents will still need to co-parent, but now the might like each other less than they did before the divorce (even with their differences).

For this reason, before any party decides to go forward with a divorce, they want to think long and hard about this decision first.  Every situation and every case is different.  Rarely, can universal lines be drawn. In some cases, counseling might be an option for those considering divorce.  And, in some cases, the divorce might not make things better.  It might make it harder.

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