All storms pass: Are you sure you want a divorce?

Divorce and storm cloudsIn many marriages, difficult times can arise. There will be times when conflicts arise. There will be times when you see things differently. There might even be times where you wonder if it can work.

In these moments, sometimes parties feel fatalistic. Sometimes, they feel like there is no chance it can work.

But the reality is that storms always pass. In a marriage, the hard times can sometimes pass just like a storm. One day it is there, but in time, it is fine. The storm clouds have gone away.

For parties who are contemplating a divorce, it’s important to consider the storm metaphor. Are the problems in your marriage merely a storm that will pass? Or is there something fundamentally wrong with the marriage that cannot be fixed? The answer to that question can cause many parties to go into different directions.

If it’s the latter, and there are irreconcilable differences, then divorce might have to become a reality. But if it’s the former, for many, they may need to take a pause, step back and recognize the situation for the storm it is. In these instances, a party probably should not rush to file divorce papers.

Certainly if there are affairs taking place, substance abuse, domestic violence or other behavior that puts the marriage in peril, it is likely much more than just a storm. In some cases, there may be differences that are so important that the marriage just cannot survive. But lots of the other disputes that can arise in a marriage can pass. They can sometimes resolve themselves in time. Marriage counseling can sometimes help as well.

For those who are contemplating a divorce, it is certainly wise to speak to an attorney. At the same time, it may be important for many not to rush into anything. After all, divorce is a big step. And a decision to file for divorce should never be an impulsive one.

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