A warning shot that a divorce is coming: Money is being moved

Transfer of marital funds in divorceUnfortunately, for some individuals, a marriage might be on shaky ground. During times like this, individuals could be talking about the possibility of divorce. There could be disagreements and strife in the marriage itself.

In lots of marriages, there might be arguments and differences of opinion. There could be hard times and things said, but the individuals might not actually intend on or want a divorce.  In many marriages, this is very much the case.

But for some individuals, they might have a hard time deciphering whether or not they are just in difficult times in their marriage or whether a divorce is actually about to take place. For some, they might truly not feel as if they know the intentions of their spouse.

Every situation is different and, therefore, uniform rules can not always be applied. But one fact that might very well lead a party to know the intentions of their spouse is the moving of large sums of money from a bank or investment account.

The laws of every state can vary.  For this reason, a party should consult with an attorney who is licensed and competent to practice law in their jurisdictions. But, generally, parties are not to move marital funds while a divorce is pending or reasonably anticipated.

But in some circumstances, a party might move money anyway. They might move it from a joint bank account, or investment account,  into an account in their name. Some individuals might not move all the money, but a portion of the money without any advanced notice or conversation about this in advance.

While this might not be a sign of a looming divorce in every circumstance, this can certainly be a big warning sign in many cases that a divorce is about to come. After all, why would a party be moving significant sums of money (without any discussions or agreement about this) otherwise?

In some marriages, the couple might agree to maintain separate bank accounts. This is normal in many marriages because some parties might have different spending and saving habits.

But where significant sums of money is moved without any prior notice or conversation that this is about to happen, a party should certainly be concerned about an imminent divorce. In many of these cases, it might be time for a party to begin considering their options quickly if this has happened to ensure that marital money is not transferred, concealed, dissipated or encumbered without their assent — and without their ability to bring it back into the marital estate. The reality is that the movement of money is often a significant sign that a divorce is about to be filed.

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