The case for collaborative divorce: Settlement is not easy

Collaborative divorce lawyersMost individuals going through a divorce like the idea of settling before having to take it to a courtroom.

When it comes to collaborative divorce some people may question the reasoning behind it being so simple. Why would two people that are able to settle so easily want to get divorced in the first place?

The reality is that many married couples have a hard time compromising and understanding each other even throughout their marriage, so when proceedings begin matters can often get worse.

Now, there can be hard feelings. Individuals can be upset. They may feel betrayed. This makes communication harder than it even was before. So, how can settlement take place in a scenario such as this?

In collaborative divorce, both parties want to settle. They are working to reach an agreement out of court. But they know that this is going to take work. They know that it isn’t easy. They know it will take time, and they know that they need the help of professionals because they are not capable of doing it all on their own.

Collaborative divorce offers the hope of settlement where it might not be there otherwise. Both parties have attorneys on a limited scope representation — where the attorneys are committed to helping the parties settle. Otherwise, they cannot be litigation attorneys if settlement negotiations break down and litigation commences.
Collaborative lawyers are generally members of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (“IACP”). They are trained in both mediation and collaborative practice.

In most areas, only a limited numbers of attorneys are members of the IACP.
Parties also get the assistance of professionals such as, a divorce coach, financial neutral and a child custody professional. These professionals help the parties reach different solutions to conclude a settlement.

Although settlement is preferable for most parties, it is not always an option for every party. But if two parties are in agreement and want to settle, collaborative divorce is something to consider.

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