Will divorce make custody disagreements better?

Parenting disagreements and divorceMany have a hard time making decisions on behalf of their children. Whether the decisions be medical, school-related, extra-curricular or otherwise, many parents view things differently.

Reasonableness is also in the eyes of the beholder. What is completely reasonable in the eyes of one parent might be completely unreasonable to the other parent.

In lots of marriages, in fact, the marriage might have been relatively fine before children. But after children were born, that’s where many marriages can go south due to differing views on how to parent.

Differences as to parenting styles can surface. One parent likes to parent one way and thinks it is best. But the other parent might have a completely different parenting style.

In some of these instances, parties can end up divorcing because they are just unable to reach agreements as to custody related issues and their parenting styles. Foe some, the thought is that by separating, it might end up being better for the kids.

Certainly every case is different no situation is exactly the same.  Certainly as well, some of the differences regarding custody and parenting styles can be so diametrically opposed that divorce is the only option.

However, one thing to remember is that if you children are still minors, you are still going to have to co-parent. In most cases, the courts are going to make the parents equal decision-makers.

Thus, by divorcing, in some instances, the situation does not get easier. Instead, it can get worse.

Now, you have to make the same decisions on behalf of your children jointly. But now you have gone through a divorce where other hard feelings might exist.

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