Hire experts early in the process

Expert witnesses in divorceIf you are going through a divorce or family law matter, expert witness are often needed to make the best case. Whether it be to enhance settlement negotiations or present a case at trial, experts are often needed.

Expert witness are able to give opinion based testimony in areas that can be extremely important to a divorce or family law case. The possibilities are really endless, but here are several common expert witnesses that can be needed in cases.

Real estate appraisers – In many cases, the value of the marital home or other property can be crucial to the case itself. Hiring an expert real estate appraiser can help resolve the issue of the value of the home or other real estate.

Business valuators – In some divorce cases, the parties might own a business or have a business interest. Knowing the value of the business or business interest can often be crucial to settling a case or presenting it at trial.

Mental health experts – Mental health experts like psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors or therapists can often give testimony that might be useful as it relates to child custody cases. In some cases, they might even be able testify to their opinion as to a child custody determination based on the best interests of the child as a custody evaluator. They also might be able to render an opinion about parental alienation or realistic estrangement.

Vocational experts – Parties may allege that the other spouse is capable of gainful employment or capable of employment at a higher wage. This can be relevant as to child support or spousal spouse. A vocational expert can help give this kind of testimony.

Computer forensic accountantsComputer forensic experts can often be useful in tracked down computer and electronic data for a divorce or family law case. This could be relevant as to child custody or marital misconduct. It could also be relevant as to the financial aspects of the divorce.

Forensic accountants – A forensic account can often help trace separate, pre-marital assets in a divorce. They also might be able to perform a lifestyle analysis, in addition to a business valuation.

There are other kinds of potential expert witnesses that might be needed in a divorce or family law matter as well. These are just a few examples.  The key no matter the situation is to enlist these experts as soon as possible.

Many divorce and family law matters can be set for court dates and/or trials relatives quickly. Many courts also set deadlines for the disclosure of expert witnesses. In some instances, an expert might even be able to help settle the case early prior to court dates of trial.

If you delay hiring an expert, you can often end up in a position where it is too late to hire and have the expert ready for court. You could also find yourself in a position where you may be asking the court for a continuance to get an expert enlisted. This can delay a resolution to a case. This is why it is critical that you hire an expert when needed early in the process.

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