What’s a successful family law outcome?

Successful family law outcomeThere are many different types of family law cases out there.  From divorce, paternity, orders of protection, contested adoptions and other family law matters, many wonder what a successful outcome is?  This question is especially true in cases that are not by consent.

Contested cases can be very difficult.  In many cases, the goals of the parties can be terribly adverse to one another.  One result to one party may be viewed as a positive outcome.  To the other party, they may view the result from the exact opposite perspective.

Family law litigation can also take a tremendous amount of time.  Due to dockets being backed up in many jurisdictions, contested cases can often take longer than a party would like.  The overall cost of the case can often be more than a party would want.  And, of course, the emotional toll from contested family law litigation can be greater than what one might assume.

Obviously, there are contested cases that unfortunately have to be litigated.  The goals, desires and viewpoints of the parties can be so diametrically opposed, that litigation might be the only way to solve it.  The reality, however, is that satisfaction is seldom found from litigation.

But for other parties, a successful outcome might be avoiding the contested family law litigation in the first place?  In some cases, maybe the parties might be able to reach an accord outside of court that may negate the need for litigation.  In some cases, it might be decide to undergo counseling before filing for divorce to see if their marriage can be saved. In another case, it might be a joint legal custody decision that the parties are able to compromise on outside of court.

In other cases, the parties might resolve their case through the collaborative process outside of court. In some instances, the parties might be able to resolve their matter in mediation.

At the end of the day, defining what a successful family law outcome might be for somebody is a difficult question.  But for some, it may be not having to go to court in the first place.  Or, for many, it might be entering into an amicable resolution outside of contested litigation.

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