How should I dress in court?

Dressing nice for courtGoing to court can be a stressful experience. Obviously, a client can be very concerned about the court date itself. They might be worried about what is going to happen. They might be worried about what to say.

A seemingly little thing can cause some clients to worry. They might wonder what they should wear to court? And they might wonder whether what they wear can make a difference.

Different judges can have different pet peeves as it relates to their preferred dress code. But like other areas in life, it is usually better to over-dress than under-dress when in doubt.

Almost no judge will hold it against a party if they have dressed up too much. On the other hand, if a party comes to court in clothing like jeans, shorts, t-shirts, sandals, flip-flops, tennis shoes and other casual clothing, there is always a risk that the judge will be offended. They might then conclude that the person does not take the occasion serious.

Just like a job interview or other important date, most parties should really try to dress nicely for court. If a party has any doubt about what that means, it is important to discuss it with their attorney. In some courts, business casual will suffice. In other courts, a judge might have higher expectations.

Dressing nicely does not require spending money on new clothing. But it does mean that a party make a little extra effort to impress the judge and not be too casual. This sends a message of respect for the court and the judge.

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